TransCutan develops and markets the next generation access technology solution.

Company history

TransCutan was founded in 2001 by a professor in Radiology at the Academic Hospital in Uppsala. His vision was to develop unique ideas about intracorporeal access systems, so-called transcutaneous ports.

At 2013 Hammarplast Medical acquired the majority of TransCutan's shares and we are now proudly part of the Hammarplast Medical Group. Learn more about Hammarplast medical at

Where are we right now

TransCutan's first product, the T-Port®, was tested in patients for the first time in 2003. It is used to deliver medications and nutrition to the gastrointestinal tract. T-Port® was CE-marked in March 2014. Since 2016 we are also distributing some unique medical devices in Sweden.

Where are we heading

We are working on further development of our concept to adapt it to other indications. Our first goal is a trancutaneous port for dialysis.


We want to become a worldwide renown and well recognized company in the field of intracorporeal access with the ambition to help patients live a better and freer life with the aid of our products.

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Contact Information

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