Every year 25000 care events in Sweden are registered due to acute stroke. Close to 20 % of all strokes precipitated by a clot on the brain are caused by atrial fibrillation. Today all patients with atrial fibrillation in need of preventive treatment are not found. With the help of AF screening these patients can be detected. A health economic evaluation in Sweden made by TLV (dental care and the institute of medicine benefit) shows that costs for AF screening are low compared to health benefits.

Hand-ECG performed by MyDiagnostick is a very cost effective and most welcome tool for detecting AF and other arrhythmia.

MyDiagnostick makes 60 seconds recordings from the patient´s palms and is able to give immediate feedback if AF is found. The tool can be programmed for a single patient with patient-id, or mass screening with the place and date for screening.

  • Very easy to handle, both for patients and staff
  • No monthly fees
  • No need for service
  • 2 year warranty
  • Software included in the price

Manufactured by MyDiagnostick in the Netherlands

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