T-Port Enteral Access System

The T-Port is inserted during local anesthesia in the upper abdomen with X-ray assistance. A titanium plate is planted under the skin. This plate is in communication with an outer contact portion protruding through the skin. Inside the T-Port there is a catheter that leads to the small intestine.

The T-Port titanium plate is placed in a pocket just beneath the skin which avoids the creation of an open hole through the skin to the stomach.

The titanium plate doesn´t need to be routinely replaced. If the catheter needs to be replaced, it can be done without removing the titanium plate.

After three months, the T-Port must be fully sealed and fixed.

Clinical studies have shown that there are fewer complications with the T-Port compared to the PEG / J-tub system. Above all it is more rare for the catheter to move out of position or that leakage of gastric fluid occurs.

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